2008 Results

Cricket BallThe 2008 Indian Premier League tournament was an enormous success in a number of ways. First, it put professional cricket in the headlines in a way that the sport hadn’t experienced since the launch of Twenty20 cricket itself in 2003. It also made several dozen professional players wealthier then they could ever have imagined prior to this tournament being created. And, last but not least, it enabled the Rajasthan Royals to go down in history as the inaugural Indian Premier League winners.

The Rajasthan Royals’ journey to the final went about as smoothly as could be hoped for, with the team winning 13 of the 16 matches they played, falling short only once against each of the Delhi DareDevils, the Mumbai Indians and the Kings XI Punjab.

Opposing the Rajasthan Royals in the final were the Chennai Super Kings who also had an enormously successful tournament. The Super Kings played 16 games and won 8 of them, losing to the Rajasthan Royals twice before the final.

The 2008 Indian Premier League final was played on Sunday 01 June, 2008, and ended with the Rajasthan Royals beating the Chennai Super Kings by three wickets.

Both the Kings XI Punjab and the Delhi DareDevils deserve a mention too. The Kings XI Punjab team put in a splendid performance to win 10 from 15 games, whilst the Delhi DareDevils played well enough to win 7 from 15. If you want to take a look at how all of the teams performed throughout the tournament, take a look at the separate team pages for a full list of results.

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better tournament to get the Indian Premier League off to a great start. It was impossible to predict who would be in the final for most of the tournament, and having things go right down to the wire provided as much excitement and entertainment as we could have hoped for.

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