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Cricket BallCricket Betting has always been popular, but the launch of the Indian Premier League has created a variety of new markets than give fans plenty of opportunity to make money from their interest. The most popular IPL betting markets are as follows:


Tournament Winner – To bet in this market you will need to pick a team to win the whole tournament outright. It is one of the more difficult markets to succeed in, because there are eight teams and only one can win. That said, if you want to try your hand at this market you should take a look at our Tournament Winner section.

Individual Match – There are 59 games played over the course of the IPL tournament, and you can bet on any one as an individual match. This gives you a great chance of winning, because with just two team involved in a given match you have a 1 in 2 chance of picking the right one. For ideas on how to do this, see our Individual Match page.

Match Scores – How many runs will a team score? That’s the question you need to try and answer when betting on the match score, and this is what makes it the most challenging of all IPL betting markets. See Match Scores for more information.

Top Batsman – This market requires you to predict which batsman will perform the best overall in terms of runs scored. It isn’t the easiest of tasks to win a top batsman bet, but if you spot a player who is performing consistently better than most you could be in with a good chance. Our Top Batsman section provides more detail on this.

There are other betting markets available for the IPL competition, but the ones identified here are the most popular. To place a bet in any market, all you have to do is sign up with an online bookmaker, find the market you are interested in and make your selection. That done, you simply enter your stake, submit your bet and wait for the result. If you want advice on how to how to make IPL selections that have a good chance of success, see our page on Picking Winners.

Latest Cricket Betting - November 18, 2018

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