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Cricket BallCricket Form is the term used to describe the performance of teams and individuals in previous games. According to experienced form purists, twenty-20 cricket teams that have performed well in the recent past are more likely to perform well in the future. Cricket bettors can therefore use form when looking for selections to bet on.

A basic principle of relying on form in all sports is that winners tend to have previous winning form, whilst losers tend to have previous losing form. This is not a guarantee of performance by any means, but adhering to the logical approach of only betting on teams that have been winning in recent weeks and months makes far more sense than hoping that an underdog will somehow be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat

A good way to rely on form is to bet only on teams that won their previous match. This ensures that the team is in a fairly confident state of mind and – just as important – that the current squad is playing well together well enough to succeed.

An alternative approach that many cricket fans like is to calculate the average score that each team has achieved in previous games (by dividing the total of all scores by the number of games played) so that you can compare averages and side with the teams that have a higher average than their opponents.

Cricket form is the basis on which bookmakers compile the odds for teams. Whilst the odds later change according to market forces, the initial set of odds made available provide a fairly good indicator of who the bookies think have the form to win. Combining your own assessment of form with the odds offered by bookmakers is therefore something that can help you to pick winners on a fairly regular basis.

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