Cricket BallEPL stands for the English Premier League, a proposed new team structure for Twenty20 Cricket in England and Wales which the England and Wales Cricket Board hopes will one day become as popular as the Indian Premier League. The idea is to get more overseas players involved in the English game, and to raise the profile of the game with more extensive – and lucrative – media coverage.

In February 2008, the Chairman of the England and Wales Cricket Board, Giles Clarke, asked the Chairman of the Domestic Structure Review Group, Paul Russel, “to consider a new team structure for Twenty20 cricket in England and Wales.”

Specifically, the Domestic Structure Review Group has been asked “to consider whether sides should be able to field teams comprising four England-qualified players, four under-23 England-qualified players and three overseas/unqualified players.”

Traditionalists in the UK may not like the idea of an English Premier League along the same lines as the Indian Premier League, because it could mean few County Cricket Champtionship matches. However, an EPL would bring a flood of extra cash into the English and Welsh cricket scene, and at least some of it would be likely to benefit county cricket, even if indirectly.

As far as cricket betting is concerned, an English Premier League would create a whole new range of markets for us to participate in and, hopefully, make a profit from. Whilst we no doubt have a while to wait before the EPL vision becomes a reality, we are confident that, if it does happen, we will all benefit from it.

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