Picking Winners

Cricket BallCricket Premier League betting success depends largely on whether or not you are able to pick winning teams. The equation is simple: pick a winner and your bet on that team will make a profit. Here then are our top tips on how to go about the task of picking winners...


Cricket Odds – The odds available from cricket bookmakers are not generated at random, but are a reflection of how bookies believe cricket teams are likely to perform. The twenty-20 cricket teams with the shortest odds generally have a higher perceived chance of winning than those with the longest odds. So, whilst big odds might look attractive, the chances of a big odds bet succeeding are actually quite small, and you're better off focusing on selections at lower odds. For more on this subject, see our page on Cricket Odds.

Cricket Form – According to experienced form purists, cricket teams that have performed well in the recent past are more likely to perform well in the future. A good way forward is therefore to bet only on teams that won their previous match. Our Cricket Form section provide plenty more advice that you will benefit from.

Cricket Venue – Teams that are playing in their home city are likely to have a psychological advantage over their opponents. Restricting yourself to betting on teams that are playing on their home turf can be a helpful principle.

Cricket Betting – Although there are many different types of bets that you can place on the Indian Premier League, you will have the best chance of success with win singles on individual matches. Since there are only two outcomes in an individual match, the odds of you winning this type of bet are higher than with any other.

Picking winners in cricket isn’t rocket science, and if you follow the advice presented here and on associated pages of this site you should find plenty of them with enough regularity to make your interest profitable. Good luck!

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