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Cricket BallTop Batsman cricket betting markets require you to predict which batsman will perform the best overall in a game in terms of the number of runs scored. This isn’t the easiest cricket bet to win with, but it is by no means impossible. Here are a few ideas to help you improve your chances of succeeding:

Consider Past Performance Looking at how all of the batsmen performed in their most recent matches can be a good way of assessing their individual merits. Ask yourself the question: “If all of the batsmen involved repeated their performance in their last game, how would they rank?” Then look at the top two or three and see if you fancy any of those batsmen as your selection.

Consider The Odds Cricket bookmakers don’t like giving money away, so they will make the batsman that they think is most likely to give the best performance the market favourite. That being the case, it can make sense to look at the favourite, second favourite and third favourite as prime candidates. You could also combine this approach with the previous one and look for a market favourite who also stands out according to you assessment of past performance.

Consider Fitness For a batsman to give a top performance, he needs to be in good shape. Even a head cold can cause a batsman to play slightly below par, and whilst this might not make too much of an impact as far as the team as a whole is concerned, it could certainly affect your top batsman bet. That being the case, make sure you selection is fit and well.

Consider Morale No cricket player works in isolation. Batsmen tend to give their best performances when their team has good morale and is approaching the game with a sense of confidence, strength and optimism. You should be sure to take this into account when you are considering individuals for your top batsman bet.

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