Tournament Winner

Cricket BallThe Tournament Winner betting market requires you to pick a single team to win the whole competition. It is a fairly challenging task, because picking one team from eight or more to perform better than all the others over a period of weeks or months is a lot more tricky than picking the winner of a single match. However, the more generous odds available in the tournament winner market do reflect this.

Many people think that, in order to bet on the tournament winner, they have to bet before the tournament has started. Whilst you can do that by all means, tournament winner markets usually remain open right up to the final game. This allows you to watch a few games at the beginning of the competition and get a feel for how each twenty-20 cricket team is performing before making your selection.

The odds for Tournament Winner are initially based on each team’s performance in previous competitions, but they do of course change throughout the tournament itself from game to game. It therefore makes sense to place a bet fairly early in the competition if you are confident that your selection will perform consistently well, but waiting for a game or two might be a better approach if you are unsure.

If you place a win bet on the tournament winner market then your selection must win for your bet to win. If you place an each way bet on the tournament winner market then you will receive a consolation payment if your selection only manages to finish second. Note that each way bets cost twice as much as win only bets, and that the odds paid out are lower than the win odds. It is also important to note that the each way bet in the Tournament Winner market may only be offered in the early stages of the tournament.

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